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You Don't Mess with the Zohan

Ok I admit it. I have seen Adam Sandler's new movie "You Don't Mess with the Zohan." It was a great laugh. There was no great message, no insightful sermon material, except it is good to laugh out loud. Part of what was so funny is that the premise is absurd--all Israelis and Palestinians have to do to make peace is move to Amerika, cut and style hair, fight corporate greed, fall in love and make love--a lot. It reminded me of the outrageous short film, West Bank Story. Nonetheless it is healthy to laugh out loud and not take yourself too seriously all the time--at least in a darkened movie theatre.
I also enjoyed how much Israeli music was featured in the film. I am a big fan of Israeli hip hop, especially the popular group HaDag Nahash (Snake Fish). I thought you would enjoy the YouTube video of the song "Hene Ani Ba " (Here I Come) featured in the movie. Also be sure to check out the group's classic song, "Shirat HaStiker " (The Sticker Song). My love for Israel extends well beyond "Jerusalem of Gold."
And by the way I really love hummus!