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Final Four

Ari and I just returned from our trip to the Final Four in Detroit. What an experience! Even though I was pulling for the home town favorite of Michigan State it was still a great weekend and great fun. The game on Saturday night when State beat UConn was incredible. On that night the stadium roared with the excitement of 72,000 plus fans. In the end the Tar Heels were too good for any team to handle. And so I had to let go of my loyalty to Duke and offer congrats to North Carolina and its fans. Most of all congrats to Michigan State for bringing joy and excitement to Detroit!


Nathan said…
I'm quite jealous! Looks like you had a great time.

True story: I saw Tyler Hansbro on the street corner two days ago, and when I got home and told Nancy, she asked, "did you kick him in the shins?" (She's a true Duke fan).