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Follow Up

Here are two recent articles related to my post Stopping Terror.
In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens writes: "One of life's paradoxes is that we are as often undone by our virtues as by our vices. And so it is with civilizations, ours not least."  I disagree that torture (that is my view of waterboarding) should ever be permitted.  I agree that we should stop worrying about political correctness.  Terrorism is a danger coming from the Muslim world.
In today's New York Times, Tom Friedman writes: "Finding people with the courage to confront that breakdown — the one identified by the father, the one that lures young Muslims away from the mainstream into a willingness to commit suicide against innocent civilians as part of some jihadist power fantasy — is what matters most right now."  Until the Muslim world loudly cries: these terrorists are our enemies as well, this is not Islam; we have no choice but to add their countries' citizens to the list requiring extra searches.