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Report from Jerusalem

At present I am studying at Jerusalem's Shalom Hartman Institute. We have had many classes, lectures, discussions and a few moments to enjoy Jerusalem.  More about the classes and learning in another post, and perhaps some thoughts about my wanderings through this city's streets another time.  For now one impression.  Nothing has seemingly changed since I was last here in July.  I often marvel that the news from afar about the place in which I now sit seems always more depressing when there than here.  Israel appears on the edge of crisis, facing missiles and enemies within and without, yet when here little seems amiss.  With the exception of the disastrous construction project, building a rail line cutting through the center of town on Jaffa Street very little seems to have changed in six months.  I am not one to dismiss Israel's struggles in a cavalier manner, but when here in Jerusalem they seem less pressing than when there on Long Island.  Perhaps it is only my heart that is so at ease.  I feel at home in Jerusalem.  I would like to believe that all would feel similarly if they were here visiting Israel as well.