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Connect to Care

Yesterday evening our congregation helped sponsor the Jericho Networking Event for those seeking employment as well as a B2B Professional Networking Meeting for employers.  For more information about this community resource please visit the Connect to Care website here.  What follows are my remarks from the event.

There are those who believe that their faith is a private matter spoken in hushed tones and observed within the confines of their homes.  There are others who think that their Judaism is best practiced within the walls of their synagogues. 

We believe however that our Judaism must reach beyond our homes and synagogues.  These are places where our faith begins and from where it draws sustenance, but our Judaism must never end in the synagogue and home.  The synagogue is but a means to an end of bringing healing to our world.

This evening is dedicated to this very task.  We are keenly aware of the fact that there are those who continue to search for employment.  As Jews we believe that there is meaning in labor and that everyone must be given the opportunity to find such meaning.  We hope and pray that this evening’s program helps those searching for work to find employment and thereby find fulfillment in these jobs.

I am always honored to serve as the rabbi of the Jewish Congregation of Brookville.  On this day in particular I am especially proud that our congregation has taken to heart the lesson that our Jewish faith must matter for the world and for others in order for it to matter for ourselves.  I am proud that our leadership and in particular Jim Krantz and Jack Cohen have taken it upon themselves to give flesh to this vision.  We are honored to be a part of our community’s efforts and I thank the UJA-Federation, Sid Jacobson JCC, Jericho Jewish Center and numerous congregations for joining together in this important effort.

I hope and pray that those among you searching for jobs find meaningful work that befits your experience and credentials.  May God’s blessing combined with our efforts bring good fortune to our community and to our world.  Amen.