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Ki Tetze Discussion

At Shabbat Services we discussed the following mitzvot found in this week's Torah portion.

If you see your fellow’s ox or sheep gone astray, do not ignore it; you must take it back to your fellow.  If your fellow does not live near your or you do not know who he is, you shall bring it home and it shall remain with you until your fellow claims it; then you shall give it back to him.  You shall do the same with his donkey; you shall do the same with his garment; and so too shall you do with anything your fellow loses and you find: you must not remain indifferent. (22:1-3)

If, along the road, you chance upon a bird’s nest, in any tree or on the ground, with fledglings or eggs and the mother sitting over the fledglings or eggs, do not take the mother together with her young.  Let the mother go, and take only the young, in order that you may fare well and have a long life.  (22:6-7)

When you build a new house, you shall make a parapet for your roof, so that you do not bring bloodguilt on your house if anyone should fall from it. (22:8)

When you make a loan of any sort to your countrymen, you must not enter his house to seize his pledge.  You must remain outside, while the man to whom you make the loan brings the pledge out to you.  If he is a needy man, you shall not go to sleep on his pledge; you must return the pledge to him at sundown, that he may sleep in his cloth and bless you; and it will be to your merit before the Lord your God. (24:10-13)

You must not abuse a needy and destitute laborer, whether a fellow countryman or a stranger in one of the communities of your land.  You must pay him his wages on the same day, before the sun sets, for he is needy and urgently depends on it; else he will cry to the Lord against you and you will incur guilt. (24:14-15)

When you reap the harvest in your field and overlook a sheaf in the field, do not turn back to get it; it shall go to the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow—in order that the Lord your God may bless you in all your undertakings. (24:19)

You shall not have in your pouch alternate weights, larger and smaller.  You shall not have in your house alternate measures, larger and smaller.  You must have completely honest weights and completely honest measures, if you are to endure long on the soil that the Lord your God is giving you.  For everyone who does those things, everyone who deals dishonestly, is abhorrent to the Lord your God. (25:13-15)