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60 Minutes

Last night's 60 Minutes segment on the archaeological dig at Jerusalem's City of David is important to watch.  Be forewarned.  It does not paint Israel in a flattering light.  Both Jews and Muslims (and Christians as well) claim Jerusalem as a holy city.  In order to advance peace we must affirm the others claim to this city.  The Palestinians' continued denial of the Jewish roots of Jerusalem and their attempt at rewriting ancient history must stop.  Yasir Arafat used to claim that the Temple never stood in Jerusalem.  Such talk must end!  On the other hand the arguments of Jews that Mohammad never actually set foot in Jerusalem or that Jerusalem is not mentioned by name in the Koran is immaterial to the present crisis.  Today Jews and Muslims regard Jerusalem as holy.  We regard it as such because of our beliefs.  Denying each others beliefs will not change today's issues.  Digging for proof that our beliefs are more ancient and therefore more superior will not advance peace.  I support the dig only because I wish to learn more about my sacred text.  Recognizing that this place is both of our homes is the only solution.  Both Palestinians and Jews should strive to affirm this truth. 

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