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An Israeli on the Road

An Israeli on the Road - Hadassah Magazine
Here is one more article from the most recent Hadassah Magazine.  It is a story about a not so typical post Israeli army trip.  Roei Jinji Sadan is nearing completion of his 80,000 mile around the world bicycle trip!  In his travels he has become an unofficial ambassador of Israeli good will.  Sadan says, “I just bring myself, Emunah [meaning faith and the name of his bicycle as well] and my story, it’s very simple. Whether I’m talking to a tribal chief or a small farmer, I change their reaction, what they think about Israel. They’re not used to seeing Israelis.... They think we’re all walking around with M-16s.  When I come on a bicycle, a white guy with a crazy red beard, they change.”  To see more about his travels, as well as some beautiful pictures and videos visit his blog: dreamwithopeneyes.  Here is his most recent YouTube video:

You don't have to know me very well to know why I love what this guy is doing!