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Childish Things - by Etgar Keret

Childish Things - by Etgar Keret; Tablet Magazine
Here is another great story by Israeli writer, Etgar Keret, in today's Tablet Magazine. It is another take on my post Hanukkah Fires. Keret dreams of an argument with Bibi Netanyahu and concludes:
“I’m sorry,” I say. “But I just can’t accept, that you, the prime minister of Israel, are evading responsibility and trying to shift the blame on a 5-year-old.”
“Prepare for action,” Bibi interrupts me in the middle of my dream. “A huge, nasty robot dog at 12 o’clock is trying to devour our slide.” And then I woke up, I think, or maybe I was just watching the news.
Are we in danger of burning down our home?