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Again, I don't usually cite CNN or favor it as a resource, nonetheless its series on this year's everyday heroes is inspiring.  CNN presents a selection of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Peruse the nominations and their accompanying videos on (2010 Heroes) to witness these remarkable examples of humanity at its best.  I presume this is part of CNN's intention.  What most often makes the news is unfortunately the opposite.  This year's winner is Anuradha Koirala, a humble woman from Nepal who has nearly singlehandedly rescued 12,000 girls from Asia's sex trade.  I found the below story about India's Narayanan Krishnan particularly inspiring.  Krishnan is a Brahmin and therefore according to Hinduism's orthodox interpretation is not supposed to come in contact with anyone who is "impure" and not a member of his caste.  But he states: "I am just a human being.  Everybody is the same."

According to rabbinic legend the messiah will be found caring for the lepers outside the gates of the city.  The rabbis understood that the world's redemption will be brought not so much from heaven but by ordinary people doing extraordinary acts, transcending station and position to care for those less fortunate.  My donations and contributions of food and clothing to local soup kitchens seem so minuscule by comparison. I must do more to feed the hungry and care for the homeless!
And thanks to Marc for first bringing this video to my attention.