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Rabbi David Hartman z"l

On this, the third yahrtzeit for Rabbi David Hartman, I recall his words and teachings with fondness. I long for his words to resound throughout our synagogues, this nation and the State of Israel.
Each generation has to receive the Torah in its time. 
One must renew the interpretative boldness that has always existed within the Jewish tradition.    
We have never been fundamentalists.  We have never been literalists.   
Fundamentalism is grounded in ignorance, in the false need for feeling I've got the final word.  I don't have to think anymore.  I can now go to sleep because the truth is in my pocket.  
If you go to sleep because the truth is in your pocket that is the best way to lose it.

I continue to relish Rabbi Hartman's teachings and his call for a courageous faith replete with far more questions than answers.

In fact, I rest better because of our questioning.  I rest easier because of our reasoned and loving discussions and debates.

I thank my colleague Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan for reminding me of this video.