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How to Help

Hurricane Ida has now passed through the New York area and left destruction and hardship in its wake.  It is difficult to believe that more people were killed in our own area from what was no longer a hurricane than when the storm made landfall in Louisiana as a category 4 hurricane.  I pray for those who were injured.  I pray most especially for the families of those who lost their lives.  

If you would like to lend support to those in need, I recommend giving to these organizations: 

Nechama: A Jewish Response to Disaster

World Central Kitchen

These organizations are already in Louisiana helping people rebuild, providing temporary shelter and feeding those who need food and even water.  People are hungry!  Let us help our fellow Americans.  

As I became aware of those organizations who are providing help to people in need within our own area, I will share that information as well.  

Give to those in need.  Pray for their healing.